Can Diet Soda Make You Fat? Soft Drink Industry Replies to Stories Claiming Just That

As you’ve read here before, some recent research has found that diet drinks can pack on pounds, not help you lost weight.

This research is so compelling that both nationally known nutritionist and weight-loss expert Jonny Bowden and esteemed naturopath Michael Murray, N.D. recently wrote about this possibility.

Well, saying that diet soda may make you fat ruffled the feathers of the unhappy American Beverage Association — that’s the group previously called the National Soft Drink Association.

So the ABA wrote to both Jonny, author of several books, including The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth, and to Dr. Murray, author of How to Prevent and Treat Diabetes With Natural Medicine.

Read this letter that Jonny received from the soft drink group in reaction to his recent article, "Is Your Diet Soda Making You Fat?"

Then read Jonny’s response.

Like Jonny and Dr. Murray, I find this theory that diet soda could
make you fat quite compelling. (Several reputable physicians and
experts believe this is the case, and they told me as much when I
interviewed them.)

But let’s say that you’re skeptical of such claims. "How could diet
drinks put on weight?," you may wonder. Maybe you’re even inclined to
believe the well-funded soft drink industry’s point of view.

Well, then, don’t believe the research and the reaction to the
research. Just test out the theory on yourself. Stop drinking diet
soda, quit eating those culprit carbs and choose quality carbs instead,
get ample protein and good fats, and then see what happens.

Make sure to write us here if you lose weight when you take out the diet drinks.

We want to know. Does kicking diet soda help you to lose weight?

Sugar was once my go-to "drug." Now, I'm an ex-sugar-addicted journalist. ALL 44 of my baffling ailments vanished after I reluctantly kicked the sweet stuff and quickie carbs in 1998. Now, I’m author of the expose, Sugar Shock (Berkley Books, 2006) and Beyond Sugar Shock (Hay House, 2012), which gives you a simple, proven plan to kick sweets. My next book, Crush Your Crazy Cravings™ -- which I'm now completing -- will give you easy, tested tools to squash your cravings for sugar, salt and fatty foods. I’m also a motivational speaker, certified life coach, certified health coach, media guest, and Gab with the Gurus host. I'm also organizer for the upcoming Sugar World Summit. Let’s connect on social media!

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