How Losing a Cell Phone Can Free You & Boost Your Creativity

Photos 4-23-14 001Join the conversation. Have you ever lost a cell phone? Did it free you or boost your creativity?

Wow, what a fascinating experience it's been to not have a cell phone for a whopping three-and-a-half weeks (right after I took the photos in this post).

My adventure into being iPhone-less was quite inadvertant.

Like millions, I cling to my cell phone with dedication and consistency.

Like you, I call and text friends and colleagues.

I jot down appointments on my calendar.

I use my cell to check the time, too.

But I only talk into the speakerphone and never hold the phone up to my head. (See the link between chatting on your cell and brain cancer.)

Anyhow, my cell-phone reliance came to a screeching halt three-plus weeks ago.

I lost my cell phone sometime after taking this shot of the sun peeking through a trees.

My timing for losing my cell phone has been fascinating. I'm on deadline for my next book. More about the project shortly, but suffice it to say that I'm one of those people who really focuses during crunch time and, more than ever, I limit distractions. However, I do take ample me time, which becomes super-important when you have to crank out a book.

Anyhow, after going through some initial cell-phone withdrawal symptoms — seriously! — see 7 Lesson I Learned Because I Lost My Cell Phone — AgainI I'm now kind of liking not being so tied to my cell phone.

Although for nearly a month, I've been optimistically waiting for my cell phone to reappear — looking in the couch, my car, etc. — I've experienced three unexpected bonuses.

  1. I feel more free. It may sound strange, but knowing that I cannot call someone when I'm out and about gives me a glorious dose of freedom. Not using my cell has made me realize how often I called people while taking a walk,e tc.
  2. I'm much more present and appreciative. When I'm out and about — whether it's for a walk or to the movies — I find that I appreciate views better, be they leaves, flowers, ocean or even the mall. In short, everything is richer and fuller.
  3. I'm much more creative. This has been such a blessed benefit. When I take needed breaks (even to go to physical therapy for my inured knee), I'm getting greeat ideas really often. They just come to me out of the blue. So cool! So incredibly wonderful!

Anyhow, I'm still hoping my cell phone will show up, but I'm wondering if the Universe has plotted for me to be without it until I finish my next book.

So I've concocted a wild plan — I am now bribing myself!

I can't get a a new cell phone once I finish my next book!

Rather than feeling deprived, I'm entertained by this off-the-wall pledge, which I've now pursusing almost as a badge of honor.

Plus, I'm motivated in a huge way to finish this book and get back to posting more often.

Anyhow, stay tuned for info about my book. I'm coming to you soon with a poll to test out several titles.

In the meantime, join the conversation.

Talk to us. Have you ever lost your cell phone? Did losing it free you or boost your creativity?

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