Mayor Bloomberg’s Soda Ban

Blomberg and Sugar -- PoliticoWhile I was knee-deep planning and working many hours to launch of new book, Sugar Shock, New York City came up with a controversial plan to ban jumbo-sized sugary larger than 16 ounces in restaurants, movie theaters, concession stands, and food carts.

I'll share by thoughts shortly about this much-talked about plan. (Unfortunately, I couldn't post earlier, because I was busy spreading the word about Beyond Sugar Shock.)

For now, I urge you to watch this TV interview with Bloomberg.

Then, make sure to tell us your thoughts about his plan.

But before you watch, you need to know that a 20-ounce bottle — which people guzzle in one sitting — contains nearly 17 teaspoons of sugar.

Also, your soda addiction can put you at risk for obesity, as well as the Big Preventable Big Killers such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, and Alzheimer's Disease.

Weigh in now with your thoughts about Mayor Bloomberg's Soda Ban.

Sugar was once my go-to "drug." Now, I'm an ex-sugar-addicted journalist. ALL 44 of my baffling ailments vanished after I reluctantly kicked the sweet stuff and quickie carbs in 1998. Now, I’m author of the expose, Sugar Shock (Berkley Books, 2006) and Beyond Sugar Shock (Hay House, 2012), which gives you a simple, proven plan to kick sweets. My next book, Crush Your Crazy Cravings™ -- which I'm now completing -- will give you easy, tested tools to squash your cravings for sugar, salt and fatty foods. I’m also a motivational speaker, certified life coach, certified health coach, media guest, and Gab with the Gurus host. I'm also organizer for the upcoming Sugar World Summit. Let’s connect on social media!

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2 thoughts on “Mayor Bloomberg’s Soda Ban

  1. Connie, I think this is CRAZY! And I am all about no sugar! It should not be legislated. Smoking is not. That is far more deadly by % of people who smoke and do die v.s. % of people who drink large sodas and do actually die from it (Of course, this is logical but I have no stats.. ). People can buy 2 or 3 of the smaller sodas if they want or 2 liter bottles at the store. To me this is a waste of the Mayor’s time. Good intentions – attack obesity – but a completely absurd and arbitrary thing to do.