Sugar Shock Funnies™ Makes Debut

Laugh, Smile & Share to Spotlight Shocking Facts & Get Motivated

Sugar Shock Funnies™ makes its debut today.

Mirth and merriment, giggles and guffaws are exactly what we need, especially when we look at serious health and wellness subjects.


Today’s comic strip pokes fun at the Blood Sugar Rollercoaster effect, which you get when you over-indulge — as do millions — in sugary and quickie-carb “treats.”

sxchxisygravatarTo create Sugar Shock Funnies, I’ve teamed up with the talented Isabella Bannerman, who is the Monday artist for Six Chix, a clever, comic strip internationally syndicated by King Features.

Isabella’s award-winning cartoons and illustrations have appeared in many publications, including The New York Times, Glamour, The Funny Times, World War 3 Illustrated, and Hudson Mod Magazine. In addition, as an animator, she has worked on MTV’s “Doug,” “Pee Wee’s Playhouse,” MTV spots, and other television shows and commercials.

So what’s the purpose of this new Sugar Shock Funnies? And how can you run a cartoon on your website or blog? Read on.


Watch “That Sugar Film,” a Fun Shockumentary That Blows the Lid on So-Called “Healthy” Foods

Australian Actor/Director Damon Gameau Sheds Light on Sneaky Hidden Sugars in Processed Foods

If you eat processed foods out of boxes, cans, jars, and packages, you must watch That Sugar Film, an amusing, new shockumentary (shocking documentary), which reveals how eating allegedly “healthy foods” can, in fact, demolish your health.


Australian Director/actor Damon Gameau — who is today’s special Gab with the Gurus guest — will blow you away when you discover what happened to his poor body in a mere 60 days, when he consumed processed foods full of Sneaky Hidden Sugars, as I call them.

You will be so shocked but also entertained while find out how Gameau’s health disintegrated in a mere six weeks.

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Should You Never Diet Again?

Professor Traci Mann, Ph.D., Author of Secrets from the Eating Lab, Blasts Weight Loss Myths

Are you frustrated that you often blow your diet?

CBscale help!Do you feel that you lack will power?

So does this mean that you should never diet again?

After 20 years of researching eating, psychology professor Traci Mann, Ph.D., has come up with intriguing theories, which she shares in her new book, Secrets From the Eating Lab: The Science of Weight Loss, the Myth of Willpower, and Why You Should Never Diet Again.

Dr. Mann, who I interviewed on my Gab with the Gurus Show, offered her findings on dieting.

For instance, Dr. Mann maintains that diets don’t lead to long-term weight loss.

She also contends that if you’ve regained weight you’ve lost, it’s not because you lack will power.


7 Reasons to Stay Away from Agave

Clearing the Sweetener Confusion

Agave-NectarOne of my closest friends—a smart, health-conscious, exercise enthusiast—recently texted me questions about alternative sweeteners while she was planning to create a healthy dessert for a birthday dinner party.

“What about agave?” she texted me.

“No! The Worst!” I text-replied.

She was perplexed.

“Is agave low-glycemic or not?” she text-quizzed me.

“It doesn’t matter,” I answered.

“High in fructose…. Will send you articles soon.”

My friend’s questions alerted me that it was time to do another Sugar Shock Blog post to Clear the Agave Confusion and to warn people that it’s not safe.

Over the years, I’ve repeatedly tried alerted people to agave’s dangers.

First, I wrote about it in my book, Sugar Shock! 

Sugar-Free, Cacao-Cado-Chia-Blueberry Mousse & More

Healthy, Sugar-Free, Dessert Recipes on the Way: Share Yours, Too

7-12-15 001Dessert lovers, I bring you good news.

Soon, you’ll get recipes for tasty, nutritious, sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free desserts, which also do NOT contain potentially harmful artificial-sweeteners or, for that matter, any other sweetener, besides those produced by nature.

Creating healthy, but scrumptious desserts has been a pet project of mine, which, unfortunately, due to a variety of deadlines, I’ve had to shelve many times over the years. (Ever since I first quit sugar and other sweeteners on doctor’s orders in 1998, I’ve been gathering or concocting delicious, sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free desserts.)

Soon, I’ll be sharing some of these Sweet, Sugar-Free Desserts with you.

You’re invited to give sweet input, too.

Please share your sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, artificial-sweetener-free recipes below.

For now, see a photo of one of my recent creations: Sugar-Free, Cacao-Cado-Chia-Blueberry Mousse.

Read on for guidelines to submit your recipe.


Learn How to Heal Your Dogs & Cats

Veterinarian Dr. Dennis Thomas Tells You on Gab with the Gurus How Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs & Good Nutrition Help Your Pets

Although centuries ago, dogs weren’t considered man’s best friend, in recent times, pets have become wildly popular.


In the United States alone, people own some 70 to 80 million dogs and 74 to 96 million cats, which means 37 to 47 percent of U.S. households have a dog, and 30 to 37% own a cat, according to the American Pet Products Association.

You pet owners have other reasons to rejoice.  Appreciating and playing with your canine or feline friend improves your health.

In fact, touching or stroking your furry friends could help reduce your stress (even positively affecting your cortisol, heart rate and blood pressure), improve your mental and physical health, reduce your aggression, and activate the much-touted hormone oxytocin, according to a recent review of research.

Oxytocin, as you may already know, is the much-acclaimed love hormone or cuddle chemical, which is released during sex or breastfeeding.

If pets are so good for us, it makes sense to take good care of them, right?

On today’s special Gab with the Gurus Show, my guest, Dr. Dennis Thomas, a long-time veterinarian and author of the new Hay House book, Whole-Pet Healing: A Head-to-Tail Guide to Caring for and Connecting with Your Animal Companion will tell you how to take the very best care of your beloved pet.


Declare Your Independence from Sugar! Then Share Your Biggest Why

Choose Healthy, Yummy, Red, White and Blue Foods

Today and whenever you read this, I invite you to Declare Your Independence from Sugar and Carbs.

Even if you’re not an American and you don’t celebrate the 4th of July, I invite you to Take Back Your Sugar Power.

7-4-15 026

You’re the one in control of what you put in your mouth — not the food companies, which heavily market their sugar-filled, processed, nutrient-stripped foods.

So what would Independence from Sugar mean to you?


What Should I Do With My Mangled Book, Sugar Shock?

Seeking Your Ideas on What to Do With the Book That Helped Me Prepare for Media Interviews & Talks

7-2-15 - Sugar Shock 001This holiday weekend, instead of playing, I’m getting organized. Which brings me to an intriguing challenge. And I’d like your input.

But please make sure to have some fun with me at the same time, because this post is intended to be entertaining.

What shall I do with my mangled copy of my first book, Sugar Shock?

I’m stumped as to what to do with this handy, reliable, over-used book, which I’ve marked up and reused repeatedly since I first received it in October or November 2006, soon before it was published by Berkley Books.


I Got Duped! Are You, Too, Being Tricked by Sneaky Hidden Sugars?

How You Can Get Sick if You Let Down Your Guard

Recently, while attending a women’s empowerment weekend to catch live talks by the inspiring Elizabeth Gilbert, Deepak Chopra, and Joan Borysenko, I was surprised and duped.

CB-tomato sauce image pixabay 062615

Don’t blame the awesome experts, whose words of wisdom I zealously savored. Instead, the fault falls on me, because I neglected my usual, super-vigilant, detective-like scrutiny about what I eat.

Essentially, I let down my guard come mealtime, and became a victim of hidden sugars, which often lurk in allegedly good-for-you foods.

Symptoms Galore Struck Me Because of Sneaky Hidden Sugars

I imagine that you’re wondering how I realized that I’d overdosed on hidden sugars without even knowing it. Well, my reaction to the toxic sweets was quite dramatic.  In fact, you, too, could be suffering from Sneaky Hidden Sugars but not even know it.