Why I Was Anti-Social & Didn’t Shake Hands at Social Media Marketing World

For the past couple of days, I had no choice but be anti-social at the amazing Social Media Marketing World, where some oSocial-media-marketing-world-2014-19f the biggest names in social media participated in 80+ sessions, during which they shared tips and tools that can boost your social media platform.

In fact, I didn't shake one person's event at this great conference, sponsored by the Social Media Examiner.

Why would I be anti-social and not even shake anyone's hand, when at last, after two years, I'm finally re-emerging after My Bittersweet Last Year with Mom and My Dark Night of the Soul after my mother's death?

You see, I had no choice. I couldn't in good conscience get up close to anyone or shake hands, because the day of the event, I was landslided by a nasty cold, complete with sore and scrathy throat, stuffy nose, awful headache, annoying congestion, and utter exhaustion. Of course, I just didn't want to get anyone sick.

How frustrating not to dive in with the enthusiasm I'd intially felt. For months, I'd been eagerly looking forward to being social and attending programs with wuch compelling speakers as Social Media Examiner founder Michael A. Stelzner, who I interviewed a while back on my Gab with the Gurus Show) after his book, Launch, was released; Copyblogger mastermaind Brian Clark; Facebook guru Mari Smith (who also appeared on my Gab with the Gurus Show), Chris Brogan (whom I'd also on interviewed); "Podcast Answer Man" Cliff Ravenscraft;  "The Connector" Larry Benet, "hype-free marketing consultant" Jay Baer, author of YouTility; Michael Hyatt, author of Platform); and many more.

Although I was smart enough not to spread my germs by shaking hands, I still didn't follow all the great advice about what to do when you have a bad cold. Thankfully, common sense prevailed each morning when I longed to join — but skipped — the 6 am networking walks that I'd been eagerly awaiting.

But even though I steered clear of people so they won't catch a cold, I just couldn't stay away from this Social Media Marketing World.

I'm so full of great ideas now. But I have to get better first before I can implement them. So I'm off to receover from my cold and take a nap shortly.

Join the conversation. Have you not shaken hands with a colleague so you wouldn't get that person sick? Share your thoughts.


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