Dance With Me Virtually

Get Up, Then "Shut Up & Dance," thanks to Walk the Moon

Have you discovered the joy of dancing?


After today’s really fun Zumba class, I just had to invite you to Dance with Me Virtually.

Join me now– just boogie to this awesome tune, Shut Up & Dance from Walk the Moon.

If you haven’t discovered the joys of dancing, specially Zumba — one of my favorite work-outs —  now is the time.

This song will lift you up and you’ll be able to dance your troubles away. To learn how to find a Zumba class in your area, go here.

I invite you now to get forget what you’re doing, get off your derriere and Shut Up & Dance  — the Walk the Moon tune you may be hearing everywhere.

Wondering about the health connection? Yes, there’s a big one.

Join the Conversation: If junk food has been calling out to you, has it stopped after you danced a little? Share your thoughts here, on this Sugar Shock Blog.


Preserve Your Precious Girls: Take Your Cell Phone Out of Your Bra, Please!

Normally, I don’t impulsively tap a woman on the shoulder to share a health warning. But recently, at Whole Foods, alarm bells went off in my head when a pretty, carefree, 20-or-30-something woman nonchalantly strode by, with her cell phone tucked into her bra.ConnieB cellphone2lines826

I felt compelled to approach The Cell-in-Bra Chick. After my insistent nudge, she thrust me an annoyed look.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but I just wanted you to tell you that it’s very dangerous to keep your cell phone in your bra,” I cautioned her.

Cell-in-Bra Chick glared at me, as if to say, “Leave me alone. It’s none of your business.”


Learn How to be a “Healthy Conscious Traveler”

Dr. Robyn Benson Tells You How on Gab with the Gurus

Are you headed out of town next holiday weekend? Do you travel a lot by plane, train or automobile? And when you visit places on the other side of the country or world, do you know how to be Healthy on the Road? Listen to this week’s Gab with the Gurus guest, who will help you learn the secrets to healthy traveling.CB-Book1and2
On today’s Gab with the Gurus Show, my guest, Dr. Robyn Benson, author of The Healthy Conscious Traveler: 8 Pathways to Smart and Effortless Travel, will give you tips on how to stay refreshed, energized and protected while you’re traveling.

For those of you doing end-of-summer traveling, you’ll want to tune into this Gab with the Gurus Show to discover:

Check Out Health Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Gab With the Gurus on BlogTalkRadio


Lyme Disease Symptoms

Are You & Your Doctor Confused by Your Fatigue, Night Sweats, Mental Confusion, Insomnia & More?

Are you suffering from headaches, fatigue, night sweats, sore throat, swollen glands, back pain, blurred vision, vertigo or depression?

Woman with headacheAnd do you often frolic in nature, especially hiking or camping in wooded areas?

If so, you may be suffering from Lyme disease, which is spread by infected ticks to some 300,000 people each year.

Lyme disease, which I urged you to learn about recently, presents a variety of ailments, which often baffle physicians.

That’s, in fact, why Lyme disease is called “The Great Pretender.”

“Unfortunately, ill-informed doctors are often flummoxed when patients complain of
fatigue, headaches, fever or chills, muscle or joint pain, mental confusion, swollen lymph nodes and neurological symptoms. It’s an appalling display of indifference,” I wrote once in op ed piece for AOL News.

Now, to help out those of you with befuddling ailments, here are some common Lyme disease symptoms:

  •        Fatigue
  •        Low grade fevers, “hot flashes” or chills
  •        Night sweats
  •        Sore throat


7 Ways You Can Get Confused by Food Labels

Find Out on my HealYourLife Article How You Can Get Duped Whenever You Buy Canned, Bottled or Packaged Foods

Most people seeking to eat healthily or to limit their intake of sugar or carbs are duped every time they go to the supermarket even if they carefully read food labels.

CB-SS surprised at food label image-HealYourLifeFor instance, when you see “low-fat,” do you think, “Oh, great, that’s healthy”?

When you read the term “sugar-free” emblazoned on a food label, do you assume that it contains absolutely NO sugar?

And when you find “no added sugar” printed on a food label, do you think that the food item contains No sweeteners?

You’re wrong!

Indeed, most of you are being misled every time you step into a grocery store.

That’s why it’s important to learn  7 Ways You Can Get Duped by Food Labels.


The Exercise-Soda Conundrum

Sugar Shock Funnies: Get the Truth About Soda Drinking, Exercise & Weight Gain

LARGE - SodaClimbertake5817 (00000002)Recently, the media and the Internet have been abuzz about how soft drink giant Coca-Cola, through its initially furtively funded “scientific,” non-profit energy-balance group, erroneously claims that Americans are getting fatter because they’re not exercising enough, not because they’re drinking soda.

To reply to such an absurd, head-shaking conclusion, I conferred with talented cartoonist Isabella Bannerman, with whom I recently started Sugar Shock Funnies.  See our cartoon-response below, and free to share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. after you’ve sadly smiled.

In case you missed the controversy, here’s a quick recap: Thanks to this brilliant New York Times expose from reporter Anahad O’Connor, we now know about Coke’s efforts to get soda-drinking Americans to wrongly think that they’re gaining weight because they’re not working out enough, not because they’re drinking soft drinks. That’s just flat out untrue.


Sharing is Freeing!

Have You, Too, Succumbed to Your Crazy Cravings™ & Had a Relapse?

Have you badly blown your diet, fallen flat on your face and stuffed your face with chips, candies or cookies as if you just couldn’t ever get enough? Were you consumed by utterly Crazy Cravings™, as I now put it?

c3_journey_72dpiA year ago, with much professional embarrassment, great reluctance and huge shame, I made what I now call My Carb Confession.

At the time, I shared that after I’d endured a tormented, turbulent year witnessing my Mom dying from a virulent cancer, I became badly TAGGED-B — that’s my acronym for Traumatized, Abused, Gripped by Grief, Emotionally Devastated and Betrayed.

Then, while reeling and healing from a year of incessant fight-or-flight reactions, I was suddenly seized and gripped by what I now dub Crazy Cravings™.

Although sugary desserts didn’t beckon me as they had back in 1998, before I kicked sweets on doctor’s orders, sugar’s dangerous cousins — especially processed carbohydrates such as corn crunchies, movie popcorn, and sweet potato chips — lured me often, leading to do lots of what I now Heartbreak Bingeing™. Not surprisingly, I quickly packed on 21 pounds. Then, about 11 months after I began relapsing, it hit me that I’d been plunging in and out of Carb Shock™, which is like Sugar Shock.


IMPORTANT: Learn about Lyme Disease

Did You Know that Celebrities Such as Avril Lavigne, Richard Gere, Debbie Gibson & Mel Gibson Have Been Bitten & Stricken?

Every year, some 300,000 people, especially those, who hike in nature or whose dogs frolic in deer-popular wooded areas come down with a host of strange ailments such as fatigue, night sweats, swollen glands, memory loss, depression, sleep disturbances, chest pain, blurred vision, vertigo, headaches, and more. They have the debilitating Lyme disease, which is known as The Great Pretender, because its symptoms mimic many diseases and conditions.

Lyme rash biggerEvery year since summer 2008, when I was unknowingly Bitten in the City by a disease-carrying tick, I’ve been really ticked off and determined to spread important information about this alarming disease.

No one is immune. Indeed, Lyme’s victims include many celebrities, including pop star Avril Lavigne (see video below); actors Richard Gere, Ashley Olsen, Parker Posey, Peter Sarsgaard, and Jamie-Lynn Sigler (“The Sopranos”); and authors Rebecca Wells (“Ya-Ya” novels), and Alice Walker (“The Color Purple”), Amy Tan (“The Joy Luck Club”).

Other well-known people stricken by Lyme disease include former President George W. Bush, former New York Gov. George Pataki.

Likewise, singers Debbie Gibson. Daryl Hall (of Hall and Oats) and Pete Seeger; and athletes such as golfer Tim Simpson and baseball player Pete Harnisch (New York Mets) also are Lyme sufferers.

Recently, Tom Nicoli, world renowned hypnotist and motivational speaker, shared with Facebook friends about his challenges with Lyme disease, too.

Now, it’s urgent that you get educated and alarmed by this insidious disease. First, I invite you to listen to Avril’s Lyme fight. (See video below.) Next, I invite you to listen to this Gab with the Gurus show,  during which you’ll learn about diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of one of the fastest spreading diseases in the U.S. (more prolific than AIDS). And it’s caused by a tick bite you may never know you’ve had.

ABC US News | World News


Sugar Shock Blog Celebrates 10 Years

Get Tips, Tidbits & News on Sugar, Carbs & Living a Sweet Life

Sugar Shock Blog is 10 years old! How could I have neglected to write a blog post about this important milestone?

Old Sugar Shock Blog Logo-pi

So it’s time to mark this momentous occasion.

At the same time, I invite you to help me make this Sugar Shock Blog better.

It’s now time for some history. The Sugar Shock Blog made its debut on June 7, 2005, while I was writing my first book, Sugar Shock.

Back in 2005, my goals were to educate, entertain and entice you to consider leading a healthier, sweeter, sugar-free life.

For most of its 10 years, I hosted the Sugar Shock Blog on Typepad. As you may have noticed, recently, we moved the Sugar Shock Blog over to WordPress, and it’s now an important part of my main website.

Over the years, many of the Sugar Shock Blog goals have remained the same. Now, our goals are:


Sugar Shock Funnies™

Smile, Chuckle & Share so We Can Take Back Our Health Together

Sugar Shock Funnies™ recently made its debut on this Sugar Shock Blog, which is now an integral part of my website.

Cartoon Connie WavingMirth and merriment, giggles and guffaws are exactly what we need, especially when we look at serious health and wellness subjects.

The goal of Sugar Shock Funnies is to amuse and entertain you and to inspire you to take positive action to take back your health and life.

We invite you to share the Sugar Shock Funnies so you can make your friends, loved ones, and social media colleagues smile, chuckle, think and change, too. Read on to get the Permissions to Use Guidelines.

Finding humor in your horrible health habits can catapult you to positive change.

Laughter, after all, has been hailed as the best medicine.

Finding humor is therapeutic. Those guffaws are helpful for your cardiovascular system. Cracking up also helps to relieve stress.

Not only that, but laughter leads to learning.